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Greetings, everybody!

I'm Andrii Shypilov, a FIFA-licensed soccer coach and certified physical education instructor.

With 9 years of experience coaching youngsters aged 3-18, I bring a wealth of expertise to the field. As a lifelong soccer player, I began playing at the age of 6, representing various clubs at the Premier League Level in Ukraine and then playing in China.

Originating from Ukraine, my coaching journey started with "Kids Soccer Academy," where I worked with children aged 3-8. Subsequently, I worked as the head soccer and PE coach at the American International School in Kyiv for 3 years.

My coaching extended to China, where I dedicated 3 years to training students aged 6-15 in school settings and private soccer clubs. Currently, I work as a coach in a local North Carolina soccer club.

My Education/Training :

FIFA Category C License

Master's in Physical Education

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